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I would rate the product as 4 star
de el 12/04/2020
I liked the product very much, I utilized the small holes in the side of my front wings which are retainers for the original front grill. I marked and drilled 1/8 holes x2 each side of the new grill and pushed a small bolt through each retaining hole and fixed a nut and tightened, a bit fiddly but i think it looks good without seeing and visible nuts and bolts. Only issue i had was the grill was approx 10mm each side too short in lengh which resulted in me using longer retaining bolts to cover the distance and gently tightening up. Hope this helps
Ottimo prodotto di facile montaggio e molto bello esteticamente
de el 27/03/2019
Ottimo prodotto facile da montare e cambia moltissimo l’aspetto della macchina ottimo da acquistare e con spedizioni in tempi molto brevi
de el 12/08/2018
Semplice da montare..... prodotto ottimo
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